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Small and compact. Easy to switch out between tanks.

Attach to your air tank directly, making it compact and help you reduce your profile for easy maneuvering in tight spots.  Simple and quick to install with 2 inches of adjust-ability.


Air Tank is optional: 13ci, 17ci, 22ci

Compatible Tank:  51mm or 2 inch diameter tanks
- 13ci  / 5oz tanks 
- 15ci Tanks
- 17ci / 7oz tanks
- 22ci Tanks

Compatible Guns:
468 Paintball Gun
Tacamo Paintball Gun
RAP4 Paintball Gun
Milsig Paintball Gun
T15 Paintball Gun
Tippmann TMC Paintball Gun
Tippmann Omega
Valken Paintball Gun
Sig Sauer MCX Virtus
Polar Star Air System
PCP Airguns