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Carmatech Nemesis barrel (.685 barrel)

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Specially designed to maximize the performance of First Strike rounds, the Nemesis line of barrels come in lengths ranging between 6 (six) to fourteen (14) inches, and accommodate A5 and AC threads. Designed to maximize performance using Carmatech's Stable Flight Muzzles; however, the user can use other 7/8-20 threaded tips. All Nemesis barrels are manufactured from forged aluminum for hyper strength and reduced weight (15% reduction). They are then coated in milspec black hard coat anodize.

  • .685 Bore
  • 7/8" outer diameter (will not fit TiPx or Milsig M5)
  • Standard Threaded Tip (accepts Lapco tips)
  • Length of Barrel is from thread to thread (length does not include tip)
  • 3" Ported Tip (Standard Threads)