First Strike T15 Semi-Auto Paintball Rifle

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The First Strike T15 is the ultimate paintball semi-rifle for mag-fed tactical or scenario play! Built from rugged aluminum and designed to be a true 1 to 1 AR replica, the controls are all where they ought to be and function like they should, adding to the realism, and the Tiberius FS T15 semi rifle is able to shoot either .68 caliber paintballs or First Strike projectiles through its two included, 20 round magazines! Delivered standard with a 13 cubic inch high pressure air tank in an adjustable stock and complete with flip-up sights and plenty of accessory rails along the quad-rail handguard for sights, scopes, lights, lasers, grips and anything else a serious tactical player might wish to add, the First Strike T15 paintball semi rifle is ready for battle right out of the box!  Gen 5 marker

Package includes: marker, 2 magazines and a 13 CI tank