ID100 Body kit for EMF100/MG100

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This is an ID100 Inception Body kit (formerly known as the AR100 body kit) for the Planet Eclipse EMF100 (formerly known as the MG100). This was developed in conjunction with Planet Eclipse and will maintain your full warranty when installed on your gun!

It is a quick and easy bolt-on replacement for the stock body (It replaces the GRN EMC external sleeve and the internal aluminum core). The body kit comes with detent covers.

The ID100 Body kit allows the use of "real steel" front shrouds and with the use of the stock adapter (sold separately), you can also use any stock that has a threaded tube using 1 3/16-16 TPI threads. This is the thread used on most "real" stocks.

Marker is shown with optional accessories. This is only for the body kit

Body kit does not include the EMF100