Nemesis FSC/T8 barrel

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The Nemsis FSC/T8.1 is designed specifically to maximize performance of the new First Strike® FSC or T8.1 markers. The proprietary rifling design produces nearly the same angular rotation (pre-spin) as found in conventionally rifled 12 inch long barrels, in the first four inch section of this two piece barrel system.

Included in the three piece kit

Barrel Back: FSC/ T8.1/ T9.1 twist to lock Patent pending Nemesis Rifling. Five (5) inch overall length
Barrel Front: Smooth bore section Three point five (3.5) inch overall length Faux suppressor external design Recommended when using on FSC (increased accuracy and efficiency) Required for use on T8.1/ T9.
Thread Protector: Can be threaded onto either the front or back barrel sections.