TechT TiPX MRT Delrin Pro Series Bolt

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The TECHT MRT (MASS REDUCTION TECHNOLOGY) Pro Series TiPX Bolt has been engineered with efficiency and consistency as the most crucial design elements.  A soft touch face has been added to the TiPX Bolt which will significantly decrease ball breakage. The MRT system minimizes excess weight by removing portions of the bolt which are not utilized.  Players that upgrade to the MRT Pro Series TiPX Bolt will see significant increases in efficiency and the elimination of ball breakage typically associated with the stock TiPX bolt. The TECHT MRT Pro Series Bolt is made of a combination of aircraft grade aluminum and delrin, which results in a super light design.  It carries a Full Lifetime Warranty.

 It is not necessary to install the TiPX Low-Pressure Spring Kit when using the MRT Pro Series Bolt.